Harmful Effects of Delaying Surgery

We’ve talked before about how to eliminate the fear of surgery for sinusitis patients, but people are still understandably afraid of surgery.  Some patients are also stubborn. They feel their condition is not as serious as it seems. What happens when they delay surgical intervention? Before deciding that an operation is not necessary, consider the harmful effects of delaying surgery.

Dangers of Delaying Surgery

When patients with sinusitis prolong treatment, their symptoms become worse. Some of the dangers of delaying surgery include:

  • Recurring Symptoms – The symptoms of chronic sinusitis will continue unless resolved by early surgical intervention. These symptoms included nasal congestion, facial pain, headache, nighttime coughing, general malaise, facial “fullness,” and dizziness.
  • Return Visits to the Hospital – Patients who delay surgical intervention find themselves returning to the hospital more often than patients who are treated within the first 12 months of diagnosis. The increased need for post-operative healthcare leads to patients paying more for prescriptions and multiple visits to their doctor.
  • Failure to Resolve Sinusitis Symptoms – Patients who proceed with surgery have a better chance of achieving the best results. However, patients who delay surgery are more likely to see their sinusitis symptoms return.
  • Comorbidities – Prolonging surgery has led to patients with comorbidities (multiple disorders). According to a study published by the Cleveland Clinic, patients who waited more than five years to seek surgical intervention had a much higher likelihood of being depressed and having asthma.

Why Balloon Sinuplasty May Be Helpful

It is important to know that you can prevent these issues by seeking early intervention. You don’t want to wait too long, and thus suffer from the dangers of delaying surgery.

If you are afraid of invasive surgery, consider using balloon sinuplasty. Balloon sinuplasty is a safe and effective sinusitis procedure. There are minimal risks involved and recovery times are fast. If you are suffering from symptoms consistent with sinusitis, consult with your doctor about getting balloon sinuplasty surgery.

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