Balloon Sinuplasty: Solution to Sleep Apnea

If you are having trouble sleeping, you may be dealing with sleep apnea. This debilitating disorder is the cause for stress in over 18 million Americans. It’s time to learn how sleep apnea can affect your life—and how a procedure like balloon sinuplasty can help.

What is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is a disorder in which pauses in your breathing, or shallow breathing, occurs during sleep. These pauses can last for a few seconds to several minutes. When interruptions in breathing occur, the body builds up high levels of carbon dioxide within the blood stream, causing the individual’s brain to suddenly wake—so he can breathe in air.

What Causes Sleep Apnea?

The most common form of sleep apnea is obstructive sleep apnea, otherwise known as OSA. In OSA breathing is interrupted by a physical block to the airflow. This can be caused by swelling of the nose or throat. Sinusitis is an example of a condition that causes sleep apnea. With sinusitis, an inflammation or swelling of the tissue linings might not only lead to impaired breathing, but infections within the sinuses.

Symptoms of Sleep Apnea—and Balloon Sinuplasty as a Solution

The most telling sign of OSA is extreme snoring. However, the condition can lead to more pressing symptoms. OSA in known to cause daytime sleepiness, headaches, insomnia, trouble concentrating, and mood changes that show up as irritably, anxiety and depression. Unfortunately, it is hard to spot some of these symptoms, considering that most of them happen while you are sleeping.

If not dealt with properly, OSA can negatively impact one’s quality of life. If you are suffering from the disorder, you should consider balloon sinuplasty. Having this procedure would allow you to return to your daily activities, which is an important part of staying mentally and physically healthy. Balloon sinuplasty is a sinusitis procedure that can restore normal breathing by restructuring the walls of the sinuses. Once the procedure is done, recurring symptoms no longer becomes a problem. It is also non-invasive, meaning there is minimal risk to having the procedure.

More than 380,000 people have had the procedure performed, and so should you.

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