Clearing Sinus Headaches

A headache can ruin a good day for anyone. However, recurring headaches are not only bothersome, but a sign of a greater underlying problem: sinusitis. A 2013 study performed by the University of Rome demonstrates the important role of balloon sinuplasty in the treatment of these sinus headaches.

What Makes Sinus Headaches Unbearable?

Sinusitis is referred to as acute sinusitis if symptoms last more than four weeks, and chronic sinusitis if they last more than 12 weeks. Headaches are a common symptom of both versions of the disorder. With these sinus headaches, patients begin to experience facial pain and pressure. The pain, pressure and aching of these headaches often progress from one side of the head to the other. When patients bend over or lie down, the symptoms are known to get worse.

Balloon Sinuplasty as an Effective Treatment

It is hard to imagine a person functioning while dealing with sinus headaches. The university’s study was performed to compare the effectiveness of both balloon sinuplasty and conventional sinusitis surgeries related to curing sinus headaches.

Eighty-three patients diagnosed with sinus headaches participated in the study. Researchers separated them into two groups. The first group of forty patients was given the most common sinus surgery: endoscopy sinus surgery (ESS). The other group of 35 patients was treated with balloon sinuplasty.

Using a sino-nasal outcome test (SNOT), researchers were able to discover how patients felt during and after their respective procedures. The results determined that patients in both groups displayed similar improved scores on the test. The study came to the conclusion that improvement in sinus headaches can be expected with balloon sinuplasty.

Even more revealing is the operative times for patients in the balloon sinuplasty group. The average operative time for the ESS patients ranged from 65 to 15 minutes. Balloon sinuplasty procedures ranged from 32 to 7 minutes—with quick recovery times.

Don’t worry that the traditional procedure is the only way to resolve sinus headaches. Balloon sinuplasty is efficient, safe and works faster than the most common sinusitis surgeries.

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