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What Is Endoscopic Visualization?

One of the benefits of balloon sinuplasty and other sinusitis surgeries is the use of endoscopic visualization during the procedure. Without the use of endoscopic visualization, physicians will have a hard time diagnosing and accurately operating on the affected area

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Better Sleep With Balloon Sinuplasty

The balloon sinuplasty procedure is a ground-breaking treatment for sleep apnea. It’s quick, effective and relatively painless, relieving you of any symptoms that disrupt your breathing during sleep. With balloon sinuplasty being a solution to sleep apnea, it’s time to

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Balloon Sinuplasty: Advantages of Using Local Anesthesia

One of the benefits of the balloon sinuplasty procedure is that it can be done under local anesthesia. If you are a patient struggling with sinusitis, you will want to know all of your options for treating this disorder. Here

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Traditional Sinus Surgery vs. Balloon Sinuplasty

Balloon sinuplasty is the newest procedure for tackling sinusitis. This leaves many patients to wonder: Why choose balloon sinuplasty over a more traditional sinus surgery? In order for you to make an informed choice, it’s best to know what steps

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