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Sinusitis: The Importance of Early Diagnosis

Sinusitis is a disorder that effects more than 29.4 million people in the United States. Unfortunately, its symptoms are frequently ignored by patients. A slight fever, headache, or congestion might seem inconsequential, however, sinusitis can be troublesome. Without proper treatment,

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Sinus Medications: How Well Do They Work?

When a patient starts to display signs of sinusitis, the first thing a doctor will recommend is rest, relaxation and drinking plenty of fluids. If your symptoms become worse, then the doctor prescribes medication. However, are sinus medications truly effective

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How Effective Is the Balloon Sinuplasty Procedure?

With balloon sinuplasty being a fairly new procedure, patients have a lot of apprehension towards choosing it as a way to relieve their sinusitis symptoms. However, the balloon sinuplasty procedure is a groundbreaking option for those who are looking for

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The Debilitating Effects of Insomnia

Every once in a while we experience a sleepless night or two. However, having many concurrent sleepless nights is a cause for concern. This is what is known as insomnia. When this happens, it is time to consult a physician

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