Sinus Medications: How Well Do They Work?

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Sometimes sinus medications aren’t enough to relieve sinusitis.

When a patient starts to display signs of sinusitis, the first thing a doctor will recommend is rest, relaxation and drinking plenty of fluids. If your symptoms become worse, then the doctor prescribes medication. However, are sinus medications truly effective at alleviating your sinus troubles?

Why Sinus Medications Are Prescribed

Viral infections are the most common cause of sinusitis. With most patients, their symptoms are resolved with some rest. However, if symptoms persist for about two weeks, then medication is usually prescribed.

Risk and Effectiveness

A lot of complications come with taking medications. Sinus medications like amoxicillin are prescribed to help alleviate symptoms. However, when symptoms do not improve, more antibiotics are used. Some patients are known to develop a drug resistance, meaning that their symptoms are not resolved. While some of these drugs can help, when sinusitis lasts too long, any relief from drugs is usually temporary.

Another issue with medications are the side effects and risk to a patient’s health. Some sinus medications are not recommended for patients suffering from another condition. For example, people with allergies have a high risk of side effects from certain sinus medications. These medications might negatively affect a patient’s health, causing adverse effects like nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Treating Recurring Sinusitis for the Ultimate Relief

When sinus medications do not help, you are now suffering from chronic or recurring sinusitis. A patient should consult an ENT physician to discuss surgical options. Many patients might feel like surgery is an extreme and scary option, but it is necessary to stop the congestion, headaches, and pain that comes with sinusitis.

If you are worried about the risk of surgery, worry no more. Balloon sinuplasty is a sinusitis treatment that is minimally invasive, quick, and effective. While most sinusitis procedures might cut through sinus tissue to relieve sinusitis, balloon sinuplasty expands the sinus walls so that you can breathe better and stay safe. If sinus medications do not work for you, ask your doctor about balloon sinuplasty.

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