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Chronic Sinusitis and Cancer

What happens when you do not treat your chronic sinusitis? The quality of your health suffers. Every day, researchers are discovering how prolonged infection can lead to dangerous diseases. In fact, a recent study has looked into the link between

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5 Sinusitis Statistics You Should Know About

How big is sinusitis in America? Sinusitis is a common problem for many Americans. The condition is caused by infections, allergies, and nasal deformations. People suffer from headaches, facial pain, congestion, and many other symptoms. These symptoms have a substantial impact

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Obstructive Sleep Apnea: Signs and Symptoms

Many of us lack the sleep that we need. According to the CDC, insufficient sleep is a public health problem. Adults need an average of 7-8 hours of sleep a night. When people do not sleep well, they have trouble concentrating,

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Who Can Perform the Balloon Sinuplasty Treatment?

If sinusitis is giving you trouble, then you will eventually seek relief from your doctor. However, your primary care physician can only diagnose the symptoms of your condition. You will need to receive surgical intervention, which can only be performed by a

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