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Sleep Deprivation and Overeating

According to the CDC, “1 in 3 adults don’t get enough sleep.” A good night’s sleep is critical for good health. Adults need at least 8 hours of sleep a night. When sleep deprivation occurs, complications can arise.

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The Side Effects of Balloon Sinuplasty

While we continually talk about the benefits of balloon sinuplasty, it is important to be transparent. In order to do that, it is our duty to talk about the risks involved with undergoing this procedure. It’s time to learn about

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Starting School Later: Teenagers Need Better Sleep

As your child grows into their rebellious years, they start to become more independent. As a parent, you have to find the right balance between taking care of them and letting them have their space. However, if your teenager seems

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Don’t Wait and See, Seek Sinusitis Relief

Patients are often prescribed the “Wait and See” approach by doctors, especially when it concerns sinusitis.  If you start to show sinusitis symptoms, doctors will more than likely wait to see if your troubles go away on their own. However, sinusitis

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