Don’t Wait and See, Seek Sinusitis Relief

A sick woman sneezing on sofa, who desperately need sinusitis relief.

Does the “Wait and See” approach provide sinusitis relief?

Patients are often prescribed the “Wait and See” approach by doctors, especially when it concerns sinusitis.  If you start to show sinusitis symptoms, doctors will more than likely wait to see if your troubles go away on their own. However, sinusitis is a fairly resilient disorder, and this approach can end up making your condition worse. Find out how you can put yourself at risk when you prolong treatment and do not seek sinusitis relief.

The Dangers of the “Wait and See” Approach

Your doctor has your best interest in mind. That is part of the reason why so many physicians recommend waiting before moving on to surgery. Some cases of sinusitis do resolve on its own. However, there are more than 11.7 million people diagnosed with chronic sinusitis. The people who prolong treatment leave themselves at risk.

In order to help those suffering from the early stages of sinusitis, some doctors might prescribe medications. This only provides temporary relief. Like we have mentioned in our “Sinus Medications: How Well Do They Work?” article, medications can lead to many other complications.

Chronic sinusitis takes a toll on your health. When your condition develops this far, you suffer more than just a runny nose and a loss of smell. You begin to develop fevers, chronic pain, and fatigue. Your condition can also cause meningitis and obstructive sleep apnea. Both of these conditions are dangerous disorders.

Seeking Sinusitis Relief

Your doctors want to keep you safe. They do this by making sure you avoid potentially harmful surgeries. They are right to do this. Most sinusitis surgeries involve cutting bone and tissue to achieve sinusitis relief. These procedures are risky because they require surgeons to operate near the brain. This is a sensitive area and there can be deadly consequences if the brain is damaged. That is why it is best if you work with your doctor to find an optimal solution to your problems.

If you feel like sinusitis might get worse, then talk to an otolaryngologist about balloon sinuplasty. Unlike other sinusitis procedures, this treatment provides minimal damage to the patient. Using a balloon catheter, an otolaryngologist can expand the sinusitis while leaving the sinuses intact. Patients experience minimal bleeding and fast recovery time. So, talk to an otolaryngologist or your physician about balloon sinuplasty today.

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