The Side Effects of Balloon Sinuplasty

A teenager experiencing the side effects of sinusitis.

Find out the side effects of balloon sinuplasty, the minimally invasive surgery.

While we continually talk about the benefits of balloon sinuplasty, it is important to be transparent. In order to do that, it is our duty to talk about the risks involved with undergoing this procedure. It’s time to learn about the side effects of balloon sinuplasty, and why you shouldn’t be too worried.

Most Common Side Effects

Like any other surgery, there are some side effects to balloon sinuplasty. However, it is important to note that this procedure is safer than most. Other sinusitis surgeries take a long time to recover from, leave intense scarring, and there is the possibility of your symptoms coming back.

Here are the side effects of balloon sinuplasty that some people have experienced in the past:

  • Mild Pain and Swelling – The balloon catheter that is inserted into your nostrils remolds the sinus passageways. While this is minimally invasive, it still widens the opening of your passageways, effectively squeezing them outwards to make room for drainage. This causes pain and some swelling but not as much as cutting the sinus bone or tissue would have.
  • Drainage of Blood – Balloon sinuplasty doesn’t cut into the sinuses, but expanding them can cause slight tearing and bleeding. However, the bleeding doesn’t last long.
  • Allergic Reaction to Anesthesia or Medications – The procedure uses local anesthesia in order to alleviate your pain during the operation. If you have had trouble anesthesia in the past, then let your doctor know. This is something that you should be aware of for any surgery.
  • Infection – Yes, you can still receive an infection after the balloon sinuplasty procedure. The good news is that recovery times are quick (48 hours). With normal drainage returned to your sinuses, infection shouldn’t last long. If you stick to the antibiotics prescribed by your doctors, you should be fine.

Balloon sinuplasty is perhaps one of the safest sinusitis procedures available. These side effects are minor, and if you are experiencing sinusitis, visit an otolaryngologist, who can talk to you about treatment option and balloon sinuplasty.

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