How Sinusitis Affects Athletes

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How much can sinusitis affect athletes?

Many of the greatest athletes in the world play in sports that are anaerobic activities. These exercises require maximum effort. Breathing is harder by nature when participating in them.

Because of this, sprinters, weightlifters, even football players practice breathing exercises. They do it on a regular basis in order to sustain peak performance. It’s a rudimentary function that pays major dividends. This goes to show that athletes with sinusitis are susceptible to a major hindrance on performance.

Running With Sinusitis for Athletes

A significant clogging of nasal passages is a bad sign for any athlete who plays a sport that involves running. And, as you may have guessed, that is quite a lot of them. The body tries to adjust to this in tiny ways. For instance, if breathing becomes too difficult, it might switch to mouth breathing. That leads to cold, dry air going directly into the lungs. Those are the leading causes of worse respiratory issues, such as asthma and bronchitis.

Most doctors suggest to take at least 3 days off from exercising to recover from a regular sinus infection. But if you have chronic sinusitis, these symptoms last up to 12 weeks. Athletes in any field can’t afford to be out of action for that long.

Weight Lifting With Sinusitis for Athletes

Professional weightlifters rely heavily on heaving deep breaths. They need to be able to power through the inherent oxygen deprivation that comes with lifting several hundred pounds. Any blockage of air for them could be very harmful.

But even if you’re not a professional weightlifter, breath control is crucial to maximizing your strength training. Bench pressing with a sinus infection often causes prolonged headaches afterward. Sinusitis compounds the initial rush of blood that goes to your head.

Athletes of all kind suffering from sinusitis would benefit from being more proactive. When peak performance gets sidetracked by something as minute as a change in an athlete’s breathing, necessary steps must be taken quickly. Do not get sidelined by a treatable problem.

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