Is NuVent’s 3D-Navigation Helping Balloon Sinuplasty Surgeons?

A group of surgeons with their thumbs up, indicating their thoughts on 3D-Navigation.

What do surgeons think of NuVent’s 3D-Navigation?

Balloon sinuplasty has already proven to be very effective, and NuVent is looking to improve it with their 3D-Navigation. In recent years, 45 separate studies have asked patients how they feel after having balloon sinuplasty. From those studies, up to 97% of patients have credited the procedure for significantly improving their quality of life.

Patients who’ve had balloon sinuplasty done on them are already getting the sinus relief they desire. And doctors are continuing their effort to make the procedure better as time goes on. For the 30 million diagnosed with sinusitis, this is great news.

So, what exactly is 3D-Navigation? How does it work? And will it make balloon sinuplasty safer than it already is?

A Closer Look at NuVent’s 3D-Navigation for Balloon Sinuplasty

Recently, surgeons at Pacific Eye and Ear Specialists began offering the image guidance system provided by NuVent. Their technology provides surgeons with visualization of the unique sinus anatomy and drainage system. Using this system enables surgeons to locate tissue, bone, and cartilage easier than before.

Many physicians have been singing NuVent’s praises on this new system. Visualization devices are already commonplace for this procedure, though. The reason balloon sinuplasty is possible in the first place is because of endoscopic visualization. Endoscopes are the cameras typically used for balloon sinuplasty, and they are highly effective at providing surgeons with the necessary visual.

3D-Navigation, however, offers an approach that goes deeper. NuVent’s device comes with what they call ‘sinus seekers,’ and they have built-in tracking. Surgeons can better locate the problem areas because of this. It’s a helpful new feature that could speed up the procedure without increasing the risk. Because, as it currently stands, balloon sinuplasty has a .01% complication rate.

Balloon sinuplasty is already a very safe procedure. Making it any safer is virtually impossible. As NuVent shows, however, there are still improvements that could be done to make it easier for surgeons.

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