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A Proper Sinusitis Diet: What to Have and What to Avoid

Whether you know it or not, a proper sinusitis diet has a great effect on your recovery. Sinusitis can worsen due to a lot of factors. Eating the wrong food is one of them. People with sinusitis should consider this

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How Food Allergies Occur and Trigger Sinusitis

Food allergies are known to be a trigger for sinus problems. Whether you usually sneeze or swell, this can eventually lead to problems for your sinuses. As we’ve discussed before, sinusitis and allergies do have similar symptoms. But the causes

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Examining the Relationship Between Lack of Sleep and Sinusitis

By now, everyone should know how much a lack of sleep can affect the human body. A person’s immune system is made a lot weaker from less sleep. A weak immune system makes it likelier for somebody to get sick.

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What Are Nasal Polyps and How Do You Get Rid of Them?

Unfortunately, balloon sinuplasty does not work for getting rid of nasal polyps. This is a common misconception. Why might that be? Because sinusitis has symptoms that are similar to polyps. But treating polyps is a little more complex than treating

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