How Food Allergies Occur and Trigger Sinusitis

A picture of a piece of paper saying 'No Peanuts Allowed'. Peanuts are one of the most common food allergies.

Are you properly handling your food allergies?

Food allergies are known to be a trigger for sinus problems. Whether you usually sneeze or swell, this can eventually lead to problems for your sinuses. As we’ve discussed before, sinusitis and allergies do have similar symptoms. But the causes are different. There is a relationship between the two, however. Allergies that persist long enough cause the inflammation and congestion in sinusitis.

But what causes the food allergy in the first place? And why does it react in such a way? If you have any food allergies, you’ve probably asked these questions before. They’re very understandable questions to have. Knowing the reason for an allergic reaction will leave you better equipped to treat it. Which is why we’ll be explaining how it happens.

What Causes Food Allergies

Foods that are known to spark an allergic reaction are milk, eggs, peanuts, fish, and soy. Most of these foods contain substances that cause the body to overreact. For instance, peanuts are high in histamine. Because histamine is used by the body’s immune system, this can be confusing for some bodies. Depending on the food, histamine or antibodies will be released to fight out of confusion.

These antibodies are designed to identify and attack potential threats to the body. They swell the blood vessels to let the white blood cells know what’s going on immediately. Obviously, a peanut does not pose the same threat to the body as an infection does. This is why the end result tends to be congestion and sniffling among other things. It’s the body fighting what it believes to be a threat.

A food allergy has different symptoms for everyone. This depends on the type of exposure along with other underlying factors. Sometimes, it’s skin irritation, other times it’s sniffling. If the sniffling occurs long enough, then that’s when sinusitis’ inflammation comes into play. Staying away from foods that you know can affect your body in this way is important.

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