A Proper Sinusitis Diet: What to Have and What to Avoid

An illustration of an apple saying 'diet'. This is related to keeping a proper sinusitis diet.

Do you have a proper sinusitis diet?

Whether you know it or not, a proper sinusitis diet has a great effect on your recovery. Sinusitis can worsen due to a lot of factors. Eating the wrong food is one of them. People with sinusitis should consider this more often. They must stay away from foods that make conditions worse.

To make it easier, we have compiled a list of foods that should be implemented in your diet. As well as those that should be avoided. Following these tips will help your recovery.

Foods to Eat for a Proper Sinusitis Diet

  • Pineapple – This fruit is known for being rich in antioxidants. And when it comes to sinusitis, that’s helpful. Antioxidants help mucus membranes from getting damaged. Also, the enzymes in pineapples are known to reduce inflammation.
  • Peppers Capsaicin is the component that makes peppers so spicy. And it’s why they’re known to be a sinus clearer. Used correctly, peppers reduce inflammation and increase mucus production. Other foods that work similarly to peppers are horseradish and garlic.
  • Ginger – This plant is a big hit for anyone who likes their home remedies. There’s a good reason for that. Ginger contains antioxidants, natural antihistamines, and anti-inflammatories. It’s a natural pain reliever that reduces the common symptoms of sinusitis.

Foods to Avoid for a Proper Sinusitis Diet

  • Salty Foods – By nature, salt attracts water. This is important to consider for someone’s diet. Because the more water that’s attracted to the salt in the body, the more congestion there is.
  • Dairy – Certain breeds of cows produce milk that contains beta-CM-7. This is a protein that is known to stimulate mucus glands in the sinuses. Because of this, dairy products are very likely to cause congestion.
  • Sugar – Keep the sweets to a minimum when you have sinusitis. Sometimes, sugar can be the cause of fungal yeast. This eventually leads to an inflamed sinus. Sinusitis becomes a lot harder to get rid of when that happens.

Finding the proper sinusitis diet gets rid of the infection sooner. And avoiding the wrong foods will prevent sinusitis from persisting. Keep these foods in mind when you’re looking for sinus relief.

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