Treatment for Chronic Sinusitis: Achieving Better Results

A doctor is performing a nose exam to determine treatment for chronic sinusitis.

Find the best treatment for chronic sinusitis.

Surgery can be difficult. While its ultimate goal is to cure your symptoms, there are risks involved. The same is true when it comes to treatment for chronic sinusitis. Surgery is necessary for this condition, but you shouldn’t settle. There are procedures like balloon sinuplasty that produce great results with minimal risks. It is the best option for long lasting relief.

Why Is Balloon Sinuplasty the Best Option Treatment for Chronic Sinusitis?

Good question, and pretty easy to answer. Balloon sinuplasty is safe and effective. It’s something that we say that all the time on this blog but it’s true. The procedure uses safe materials for those with allergies, there is no cutting of bone or tissue, and it can even be performed by your doctor in-office.

Less Post-Operative Complications

Recovery from major surgery is never fun. It’s worse when you have to deal with severe bleeding, mandatory bed rest, and enough pills to put a horse to sleep. However, the best surgery is the one that you can walk away from with minimal recovery. Balloon sinuplasty is one of those surgeries. There is minimal bleeding and most people are back to their normal lives within one to two days.

Minimizing Future Treatment for Chronic Sinusitis

Unfortunately, chronic sinusitis can be so severe that it requires several surgeries to fix. The plus side is that a sinus surgery like balloon sinuplasty can be repeated within a short amount of time. Since there are very little post-operative complications, your doctor can perform the procedure again and properly address your symptoms.

Long Lasting Results

If you need any more proof that balloon sinuplasty is the best treatment for chronic sinusitis, then this is it. The procedure produces long lasting results. After surgery, patients have reported experiencing relief for more than 2 years. Their symptoms stay away for a long time.

If you want to best treatment, then call Dr. Eric Cohen, ask about balloon sinuplasty and find relief.

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