Seasonal Allergies: How to Protect Yourself and Find Relief

Dandelions in a field, which can be responsible for seasonal allergies.

Don’t let seasonal allergies drag you down.

The changing seasons are either a blessing or a curse if you have allergies. During the winter, everything seems fine, but suddenly it’s spring and your hit with a flood of symptoms. Living with seasonal allergies shouldn’t hold you back from enjoying life. If you have trouble with your condition, here are a few tricks to protect yourself from discomfort and inconvenience.

Avoid Outdoor Allergens

When the weather gets warmer, it can sometimes feel like the world is against you. Everything becomes your enemy, from the trees and grass to the pollen in the air. Even worse, your symptoms can sometimes start before the spring arrives, just as the trees begin to bloom. Luckily, there are others out who know just what you are dealing with. Organizations like the American Academy of Allergy Asthma & Immunology (AAAAI) keep track of pollen counts. You can even visit their website to check the levels in your area. Avoid leaving the house when levels of allergens are high.

Protect Yourself When You Get Home

Home-free is a statement that resonates with many of us, and for those with seasonal allergies, it’s a place away from the allergens of the world. The one thing you absolutely must prevent is bringing allergens from the outside into your home. Pollen, dander, and others irritants move through the air. That’s why it can seem almost impossible to avoid them. Once these allergens are airborne, they can also attach to your clothing and hair, which cause your symptoms to persist. It’s best to wash your clothes regularly and get into the habit of cleaning your hands and face as soon as you get into the house.

Saline Sinus Rinse

The main reason allergy symptoms act up so much is that pollen and other irritants get into the nose. Due to an allergy sufferer’s hypersensitivity, the body sees the invaders as a significant threat and attempts to protect itself. To stop your symptoms, you have to remove the allergens in your nose. Thankfully, you can buy saline sinus rinse or spray to clean out your nose safely. This medication removes and thin out excess mucus and can even work if you have mild sinusitis.

Stay Safe When Cleaning the Home

Dust mites are tiny little microscopic bugs that can live in your home, especially when it’s warm and humid. They are found in bedding, other fabrics or anywhere humans tend to shed skin flakes, their number food source. Dead dust mites and their waste are some of the most common allergy triggers. Clean often in order to rid your home of these pesky critters. Use an N95 filter mask and a HEPA vacuum to avoid spreading dust mites around the home. You are also going to want to keep the humidity in your house less than 50 percent as the creepy crawlers can’t survive in those temperatures.

Make Life With Seasonal Allergies Less Difficult

Allergies can often lead to sinusitis, a debilitating condition that causes inflammation in the sinus passageways. This inflammation and swelling impair breathing, making life even more challenging. If you want to find a treatment that works, talk to a doctor about balloon sinuplasty. This procedure expands the sinus passageways, which restores breathing using a safe and non-invasive method.

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