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How to Deal With A Sore Throat

One of the most annoying symptoms of sinusitis is a sore throat. What makes this symptom particularly troubling is the scratching and burning sensation that it leaves in the back of your throat. The pain and tenderness that you feel

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The Difference Between Allergy Conditions

Over 40 to 50 million people have allergies, experiencing several debilitating symptoms that affect their day-to-day activities. What most don’t know is that allergies can appear at any time and any age. If you begin to feel symptoms because of

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Watching Your Child: Looking Out for Sleep Apnea Symptoms

As parents, you are always looking out for your child’s health and well-being. Sometimes it can be hard knowing the severity of their condition. There may be moments where they just have the sniffles, while other times, their condition might

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Bad Habits That Can Harm Your Sinuses

When it comes to sinusitis, there are several factors to consider. Anything from nasal polyps to allergies can cause your sinuses to swell up and impair your breathing. These situations are out of your control. What is in your control

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What to Expect From an ENT Visit

If you are experiencing facial pressure and pain, congestion and a fever, there’s a high chance that you are suffering from sinusitis. One of the first things you should do is see a doctor. If your symptoms are really bad,

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