Chronic Sinusitis Treatment: Why Balloon Sinuplasty Is Your Best Option

Long-Lasting Chronic Sinusitis Treatment

If you’re currently suffering from sinusitis, the first thing you need to know is that you aren’t alone.  In fact, around 40 million Americans suffer with the issue each and every year. At times, it might seem as though there’s no solution but this is where balloon sinuplasty comes in. Today, we’re going to discuss exactly what this option offers and whether it could provide you with the long-lasting chronic sinusitis treatment you’re looking for!
If you’ve been suffering from chronic sinusitis for a long time, you’ve probably tried a number of solutions. So it might even feel like a slap in the face when another ‘solution’ comes along promising an end to your problems. Whether it’s taking painkillers, decongestants, or breathing warm water vapor, they can only provide short-term relief.
As soon as the pressure builds back up, the same symptoms return.  These symptoms include sore throat, coughing, aching feeling behind the eyes, difficulty breathing, loss of smell, and even discharge from the nostrils. However, a balloon sinuplasty really can help and there are thousands of people that would agree with this sentiment.

What Is Balloon Sinuplasty?

To start, a thin catheter will enter the sinus cavity. Once it is in place, a small balloon will be sent up the catheter before then being inflated. Instantly, the previously blocked sinus passages will open up and all the blockages should drain away. Once this process has been completed by the professional, your sinus should resume normal function in the weeks and months ahead.
In the coming days, it might take some time before you get used to the feeling of clear nasal passages.  But you’ll soon grow accustomed to breathing freely and enjoy the reduction in sinus infections you should experience in the long-term. Since this procedure isn’t invasive and isn’t at all ‘surgical’, it has fewer side effects and won’t have you out of action for quite so long compared to the other solutions available. Immediately after the procedure, you might experience a little fatigue but very few cases lead to any pain.
A doctor and nurse look over a patient's balloon sinuplasty plans for chronic sinusitis treatment.

Balloon sinuplasty is a surgery-free chronic sinusitis treatment with a short recovery time, making it suitable for many patients.


With only local anaesthesia required for this procedure, it can be performed right in the doctor’s office meaning that the recovery period will be simple and quick. If you need to be back at your job within a short period of time, balloon sinuplasty is the best option around. What’s more, there’s no surgery involved at any stage, which is great news for those who get a little nervous at the thought of being operated on.
Although it will very much vary from one case to the next, most people are back on their feet ready to resume their normal lives within two to three days. In the meantime, they might experience a little discomfort and tiredness, but pain should never be a problem.


So why exactly is balloon sinuplasty a solution for chronic sinusitis treatment? Below, we’ve listed the main benefits:

  • No Surgery – In truth, this is one of the biggest benefits and actually the reason why people tend to live with the health condition rather than seeking professional help. Sadly, the lack of information leads people to thinking there are no other solutions when balloon sinuplasty would clearly suit them perfectly. Of course, the lack of surgery removes the risk and side effects that normally come with it which means it won’t have a dramatic impact on your health short-term or long-term.
  • Lower Cost – Since the procedure is simple and can be done in the office, you won’t have to pay for everything that normally comes with more extensive treatment such as general anaesthesia. If you only have a small budget, you might just be able to work balloon sinuplasty into your plans.
  • Solution – Finally, what better benefit could there be than providing a serious solution to a serious problem? In such a short space of time, it’s amazing that this procedure can bring years of suffering to an end but it really can. With chronic sinusitis, people grow to live with the condition so they don’t know how to how act when they’re eventually freed.


If you have limited time, a small budget, or just want to avoid the hassle of surgery, balloon sinuplasty is now a superb option for long-term chronic sinusitis treatment. It could improve your life permanently!
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