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Sinus Toothache: Causes and Symptoms

A man with sinus toothache holds his cheek in pain.

If you’ve ever had a toothache or perhaps you’re suffering from a toothache right now, your dentist will always ask you about your symptoms and assessing the issue. At first, you might wonder why they ask simple questions when your

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Sinusitis During Pregnancy: Precautions and Tips

A pregnant woman sits in bed, holding her nose, experiencing sinusitis during pregnancy.

During pregnancy, it’s important to eat healthily and avoid bad habits like smoking to keep our babies healthy and safe. However, there are some things we can’t avoid, and this includes sinus infections. At the best of times, sinusitis is

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Why Do Sinus Infections Worsen at Night?

A man is lying in bed, holding his nose with a tissue, because sinus infections worsen at night.

If you’ve ever had sinus infections or maybe you’re experiencing the issue right now, you’ll know just how problematic they can be. With a cough, headache, potential loss of hearing and taste and more, it can be tough to get

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The Link Between Obesity and Sinusitis

A doctor measures an overweight man's waist. Obesity and sinusitis, when both present, can create a negative spiral of symptoms.

Sinusitis one of the most common issues people tend to experience in the US and as well as worldwide. However, it’s still an incredibly unique health problem, and this is because the term covers numerous causes. Since the word ‘sinusitis’

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Are Sinus Infections Contagious?

A woman is holding a tissue to her nose, sitting in her car. Depending on what the cause of her sinus infection was, it may or may not be contagious.

If you’re currently experiencing a sinus infection, there’s probably one question that springs to mind before any other; are sinus infections contagious? Often, we worry about passing the infection on to others and potentially putting them through the pain and

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Is It a Sinus Headache or a Migraine?

A woman is suffering from a sinus headache. She holds her nose, unable to resume her office work because of the pain.

When it comes to sinusitis, there are some common symptoms and changes to your body that occur. For example, a sinus headache is an extremely common complaint within the US population. For most, it can lead to pressure within the

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Sinusitis Can Cause Loss of Smell and Taste

A graphic depicting the five senses, pointing to the loss of smell and taste associated with sinusitis.

According to statistics from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, around 12% of all American adults suffer with sinusitis which equates to over 30 million people. If you haven’t heard of the term previously, it actually refers to inflammation

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Causes of Chronic Sinusitis

A man with arrows pointing to his nose, suggesting there are more causes of chronic sinusitis than you may think.

While many think sinusitis is a disease in itself, this isn’t exactly true. Instead, it’s used as an umbrella term because there are several causes of chronic sinusitis and diseases that can lead to this health problem. Otherwise known as

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Chronic Sinusitis Treatment: Why Balloon Sinuplasty Is Your Best Option

A man is holding his nose due to sinus pain. If he has chronic sinusitis, he would be a good candidate for balloon sinuplasty.

Long-Lasting Chronic Sinusitis Treatment If you’re currently suffering from sinusitis, the first thing you need to know is that you aren’t alone.  In fact, around 40 million Americans suffer with the issue each and every year. At times, it might

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Sinusitis and Your Eyes: Protecting Your Vision

Sinusitis generally affects anything above your head. The nose, your face, your throat, and most importantly, your eyes. When infection impacts your sinuses, the surrounding area tends to suffer as well. The closest thing to your sinuses is your eyes.

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