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Allergies or Sinuses: How to Tell the Difference

It’s not easy to tell whether you’re experiencing a sinus infection or symptoms which have resulted from your allergies. In many cases, the symptoms produced are very similar between these two causes, and both of them might well trigger headaches,

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Fungal Sinusitis: Causes and Treatment

A man holding pills and a glass of water: antibiotics might effectively treat fungal sinusitis.

Fungi are organisms which are akin to plants, although they cannot be accurately identified as plants because they lack chlorophyll in their makeup, and therefore are unable to manufacture their food. Fungi must rely on other dead organic matter for

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Aspirin-Exacerbated Respiratory Disease (AERD)

A patient with AERD takes precautions before takings aspirin from the bottle.

Often shortened to AERD and also known as Samter’s Triad, aspirin-exacerbated respiratory disease is considered a ‘chronic’ medical condition that affects the body in three different ways: asthma, sensitivity to aspirin, and sinus disease (with recurring nasal polyps). In addition

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How to Avoid Allergy Symptoms at Home

Most people confuse nasal allergies for sinusitis, which is not hard to understand. Both conditions produce similar symptoms and obstruct the nasal passageways. You have to approach allergies in a different manner than sinusitis. Sure, medications may help but if

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The Difference Between Allergy Conditions

Over 40 to 50 million people have allergies, experiencing several debilitating symptoms that affect their day-to-day activities. What most don’t know is that allergies can appear at any time and any age. If you begin to feel symptoms because of

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Seasonal Allergies: How to Protect Yourself and Find Relief

The changing seasons are either a blessing or a curse if you have allergies. During the winter, everything seems fine, but suddenly it’s spring and your hit with a flood of symptoms. Living with seasonal allergies shouldn’t hold you back

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Avoiding Sinusitis: What Prevention Methods to Take

There are just some people who cannot afford to get sick. And who can blame them, dealing with an illness is not a pleasant experience? One of the worst conditions to deal with is sinusitis, and its symptoms are not

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What Does a Typical Sleep Apnea Patient Look Like?

Every sleep apnea patient faces a problem that could be serious if not treated. It’s a disorder that makes it difficult to breathe when sleeping. It’s obvious why that would be a major concern for anyone.

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Are Humidifiers the Right Option for Winter Sinus Relief?

As cold and flu season steadily approaches, those looking to stay warm and healthy will be using humidifiers to deal with winter sinus relief. Humidifiers use an internal heating element that boils water before releasing it into the environment as a

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Sinus Medications: How Well Do They Work?

When a patient starts to display signs of sinusitis, the first thing a doctor will recommend is rest, relaxation and drinking plenty of fluids. If your symptoms become worse, then the doctor prescribes medication. However, are sinus medications truly effective

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