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Balloon Sinuplasty – the Quickest and Most Effective Solution for Chronic Sinusitis

A patient discusses various options with her doctor regarding her sinus pain and came to the conclusion that balloon sinuplasty is the least invasive option.

Chronic sinusitis is a medical condition which more than 30 million Americans are known to suffer from in any given year, and it’s one which causes a great deal of pain and discomfort to the sufferer, with symptoms that can

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Avoiding Reduced Athletic Performance with Balloon Sinuplasty

An athlete tests his athletic performance following a balloon sinuplasty treatment.

For those who suffer from chronic sinus problems, it often seems like there is simply no relief, and the symptoms can intrude into your daily life in a major way. You can be subject to frequent congestion, nuisance drainage from

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Chronic Sinus Infection: Why Balloon Sinuplasty is Revolutionizing Treatment

A man experiences discomfort related to a chronic sinus infection.

It’s very common for people affected by a chronic sinus infection to be so uncomfortable and distracted by its symptoms, that it significantly degrades their quality of life. When a flare-up of sinusitis occurs, you can usually expect to be

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Chronic Sinusitis Treatment: Why Balloon Sinuplasty Is Your Best Option

A man is holding his nose due to sinus pain. If he has chronic sinusitis, he would be a good candidate for balloon sinuplasty.

Long-Lasting Chronic Sinusitis Treatment If you’re currently suffering from sinusitis, the first thing you need to know is that you aren’t alone.  In fact, around 40 million Americans suffer with the issue each and every year. At times, it might

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What to Expect From Balloon Sinus Surgery

Surgery is something that most people don’t look forward to. It’s time-consuming, leaves scars and recovery is painful. The thought of being operated on also invokes an unpleasant feeling. However, for some procedures, there is no need to fear. This

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Sinusitis and Your Eyes: Protecting Your Vision

Sinusitis generally affects anything above your head. The nose, your face, your throat, and most importantly, your eyes. When infection impacts your sinuses, the surrounding area tends to suffer as well. The closest thing to your sinuses is your eyes.

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Combating Chronic Rhinosinusitis: Balloon Sinuplasty

Chronic Rhinosinusitis can affect anyone. It’s a common condition that millions of people deal with yearly. If you’re suffering from this disease, you’re probably wondering what your options are. After all, 12 weeks of inflamed and swollen sinuses, mucus buildup,

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Chronic Sinusitis Complications: Seek Treatment Fast

There are certain conditions that people try to power through with sheer will. Chronic sinusitis is one of those conditions, which you should not take the “wait and see” approach with. This disorder can last more than 12 weeks. If

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Sinus Disease Condition Improves for Those Who Stop Smoking

Last week, we discussed how smoking leaves you at risk for sinusitis. The habit destroys the sinuses, making it more susceptible to sinus disease. Your overall health, especially your lungs are in danger. Chronic smokers deal with all sorts of

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Getting Rid of Sinus Pain and Pressure

Within the skull are several interconnected hollow cavities. These cavities are better known as the paranasal sinuses. The frontal, ethmoid, sphenoid, and maxillary sinuses are all lined with mucosa and a thin layer of mucus. Mucus and bacteria drain out

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