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Preventing Sinus Pressure on Airline Flights

A view of the interior of an airpline tends to conjure feelings of excitement however if you suffer from sinus pain it could be a nightmare.

The majority of travelers enjoy airline flights, partly for the excitement involved with the whole experience in the airport, and partly because of the other-worldly feeling of flying above all the cities, towns, and landscape which are literally miles below.

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Is It a Sinus Headache or a Migraine?

A woman is suffering from a sinus headache. She holds her nose, unable to resume her office work because of the pain.

When it comes to sinusitis, there are some common symptoms and changes to your body that occur. For example, a sinus headache is an extremely common complaint within the US population. For most, it can lead to pressure within the

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Clearing Sinus Headaches

A headache can ruin a good day for anyone. However, recurring headaches are not only bothersome, but a sign of a greater underlying problem: sinusitis. A 2013 study performed by the University of Rome demonstrates the important role of balloon

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